Innovative green energy technology used in the landfill gas recovery industry to convert methane gas to clean fuel.

Starting Up Case Study


The Challenge

Making Methane a Useful Energy Source

Biogases like methane are a big part of the earth’s problem; but forward-thinking companies like Canadian start-up CHAR Technologies are turning it into part of the solution. Methane released into the atmosphere from such mundane sources as cow manure and decomposing garbage, contributes to the buildup of greenhouse gases (GHGs). If burned as fuel, it releases toxic hydrogen sulfide, which is just as bad. The brilliant concept behind SulfaCHAR™ is a filter that can make methane a useful energy source by capturing the hydrogen sulfide as sulphur—and using it to produce high grade fertilizer. The only problem was that the concept needed to be proven in a full-scale real world biogas facility. And that meant getting the attention of Venture Capital (VC) investors.

The Strategy

Investors Got the Idea and Got Behind it

Blade worked with CHAR Technologies to create a brand identity for SulfaCHAR along with a foundation website and other go-to-market materials. These materials helped the brand present itself as a market-ready idea—a concept with potential that VC investors could grasp and get behind. View Website.

The Result

The Company has Gone Public!

CHAR Technologies attracted equity capital from a series of independent angel investors, totalling nearly $2,000,000 to date to build a 1 tonne per day SulfaCHAR production unit. The company has since merged with Cleantech Capital Inc., and is now listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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