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Every Brand is a Community

Every brand is a destination that you, your customers, your suppliers, and even your competitors populate, creating a living community. The key Values shared by each of these interrelated groups define your brand. Our approach leverages those key values to engage your brand community and grow it, sustainably.

This perspective is at the leading edge of modern brand management and Blade is the Canadian agency that has pioneered this idea since 2003.

Read our very first public article on the subject in Strategy Magazine.

Seeing your brand as a community is as relevant and powerful today, as it was then, because branding is not just about what people buy… it’s about what they buy into. And what they buy into is the relationship they expect to have with your brand.

Explore Our Ecosystem Services

Explore Our Ecosystem Services

Discover how our Brand Community Perspective grows your business.

Discover how our Brand Strategy process points you in the winning direction.

Discover how our Ecosystem Services grows your brand community.

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The Brand Community Perspective: Practical & Sustainable

Duration: 4:39
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The Virtuous Circle of Your Ecosystem

Duration: 5:35
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