Seeing Your Brand as a Community is Good Business.

Every Brand is a Community

Treating your brand like a community enables you to see your brand as more than a product or service offering. Branding is more than just what people buy – it’s about what they buy in to. We know how to invite and encourage your customers to buy in to the relationship with your brand.


Building a Brand Community is more than an advertising strategy. It needs to be ingrained into how you run your business. Your brand is a destination – for you, your customers and prospects, your partners, and your competitors – that creates a living, breathing Brand Community. These groups share key values that define your brand.


Brand Community forms the foundation of how we do business. Wayne S. Roberts, Blade’s Founder, introduced the Brand Community concept in 2003, when he wrote an article entitled “Who owns your brand?” for Strategy Magazine. In that pioneering piece, he explains how the Brand Community perspective provides a lens through which you can view your product or service and more effectively communicate its promise of benefits. He believes your customers – the people who embrace your brand’s values through their loyalty – are the true owners of your brand.


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