Clarity Creates Success

How To Create Your Path Forward

Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, recalibrate your existing brand or launch a new product or service, clarity is critical. You need to know where your brand is now – and where it needs to go to thrive. That’s precisely what Blade’s Brand Breakthrough Experience delivers, quickly. 

Your Audiences: Who Are You Talking To?

Internally and externally, who is invested in your brand? And why? Together, we’ll outline the state of mind of your audiences and match it to the key benefits you offer and that you can deliver consistently.

Your Values: What Are You Promising Them?

Your brand’s values inspire loyalty. So, what does your brand stand for? A key goal of Blade’s Brand Breakthrough Experience is to identify the values that will energize your brand community and transform it into a sustainable movement. That means sustainable growth for your business.

Your Story: What’s the Enduring Truth About Your Brand?

Who are you and why will people not just buy your brand – but buy into it? Knowing your brand’s personality, and its fundamental storyline, is essential to creating the strategic breakthrough ideas that will engage your brand community and turn your employees, vendors and customers into passionate advocates.


Brand Breakthrough Experience

Clarity Creates Success

For those companies and organizations who believe their brands have a future beyond the current crisis, now is the time to discover how seeing your brand as a community is transformative.

“Thank you so much for hosting the BLADE Brand Breakthrough Experience yesterday! It brought a lot of value to our startups. I’ve debriefed with our teams and they’ve told me it was one of the best presentations they’ve experienced during their incubation at The Forge.”

— Mariya Leslie, Manager,
The Forge Business Incubator

“We wanted the best of the best for our biggest project yet in Burlington. After meeting Blade we were thoroughly impressed and they’ve delivered with great work. Cool, progressive … and the results, especially with sales, have been fantastic.” Learn More
— Vince Molinaro, President,
Molinaro Group (Paradigm Condos)

“Blade exceeded our expectations and delivered a new brand look and feel for our firm that was outstanding. The brand videos they’ve created for us have been excellent and have generated business for us.” Learn More
— Joe Ferrier, President,
Crown Industrial Roofing

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The Virtuous Circle of Your Ecosystem

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Brand Community

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Your Brand is a Community

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