“Blade’s creative collaboration with Bell Outdoors was nothing short of transformational. We are a new company that looks, feels and sells better than ever.” — Kevin Lavoie, Director of Sales and Marketing

Moving Up Success Story

Bell Outdoors

The Challenge

A crowded market that was starting to ignore the brand.

Bell Outdoors had been around for decades, providing quality hunting and fishing gear to sporting goods retailers across Canada. A family-owned and operated business, Bell Outdoors possessed a host of powerful attributes including premium quality, exclusive imports that were affordably priced. But the company’s branding and sales strategy was more about price than quality. Sales were lagging and interest from vendors was waning.

The Strategy

Rationalize the product offering, leverage exclusivity and go upscale!

The Brand Review that Blade conducted yielded some intriguing insights. First and foremost was the power of Bell’s exclusive imports, which offered a timely opportunity to re-position the brand as a premium player. Blade also got on board with the Bell Outdoors team to trim the product offering and focus on winners. With new sales management in place working with a hungry sales team, the recommendation to go upscale was embraced … big time!

The Result

A new look. A new confidence. Renewed respect in the marketplace.

Blade created a comprehensive re-branding package that included iconography for the corporate brand and for all of the house brands Bell offers. We also helped organize a “live fire” hunt on a licensed game reserve to capture imagery for both catalogue and video use. Finally, we redeveloped product packaging that set a new standard for all of Bell Outdoors’ materials. Retailers quickly got on board with sell out orders of key product lines, and eager buyers lined up at the Blade-designed trade show booth at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show.

Bell Outdoors

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