Over-The-Counter (OTC) acne preparation sold through major drug store chains, nationwide.

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The Challenge

A Dormant Brand with Low Awareness

Benzagel® is a family of over-the-counter acne treatment products. When our client acquired the Canadian marketing rights from a large pharma company, Benzagel was a dormant brand that had low awareness among the current cohort of young acne sufferers — and was threatened with de-listing at major Canadian pharmacies.

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The Strategy

Enlist the Channel. Grow the Community.

As a challenger brand in a niche category up against major multinational players like Johnson & Johnson—marketers of both the Clean and Clear and Neutrogena brands—Benzagel needed to revitalize its community. Blade’s two-pronged strategy was to first reach out to Canada’s pharmacists in a multi-media campaign, reminding them of the proven effectiveness of the Benzagel formulation. Through this effort, Benzagel emerged as the #1 Recommended Acne Treatment Brand among pharmacists nationwide. Blade then used that powerful endorsement as the basis for a broad social media outreach to enlist an active community of Benzagel users. View Website.

The Result

Market Leadership and Consistent Sales Growth

Sales and retail listings of Benzagel have continued to grow dramatically year over year. In fact, AC Nielson data shows it is the sole Canadian growth leader in its category!

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