A vital weapon to help victims get out and to activate communities to know the signs and make the call.

Moving Up Success Story

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

The Challenge

Highlighting a Crucial Human Rights Issue

From sex workers to migrant farmhands, from construction workers to hotel and foodservice employees, human trafficking is everywhere. Raising awareness of this scourge in Canada, and encouraging victims and witnesses to come forward, was a unique challenge requiring a multi-faceted, multi-media approach.

The Strategy

Making it Easier to Make the Call

Creatively, we developed balanced yet, emotionally charged storytelling that spoke to each distinct audience. Complementing that creative was a multi-faceted media strategy to place the creative in appropriate environments, timed to reach and engage victims and others to see them, safely and discreetly.

The Result

More Calls. More Help. Less Trafficking.

Since the awareness campaign launched in 2019, the Hotline has continued to grow in importance with more and more calls coming, more interventions being initiated, and a renewed effort year after year to invest in getting the word out.

Sex Trafficking PSA

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

Labour Trafficking PSA

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

General Awareness PSA

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

Moving Up Success Stories


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Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

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