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Moving Up Success Story

eBike Universe

The Challenge

Revitalize an Established Brand … FAST!

eBike Universe and its parent firm, Daymak, practically invented the e-bike market in Canada. But new entrants were chipping away at the brand by offering more user-friendly websites and more inventive advertising. Time was of the essence!
eBike Universe Digital Ads

The Strategy

Focus on Choice and Fit

With tight budgets and even tighter timelines, Blade’s collaborative Brand Strategy Workshop was essential in identifying product choice as a key differentiator for eBike Universe. That market-leading attribute created the opportunity to position eBike as the source for the widest selection of e-bikes, and the place where buyers will get the e-bike that best suits their needs.

The Result

Stronger Web Presence. Engaging Content.

Blade helped the client craft a stronger, more user-friendly website and then created a series of inventive, people-based ads for digital platforms that drove increased traffic to the eBike website.

Moving Up Success Stories


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