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Moving Up Success Story


The Challenge

Realizing the Potential of People

A successful stock market new dissemination service, Newsfile was competing with global players for exposure and clients. Its approach had been to mimic the big players. While that was working well enough, ownership felt much of Newsfile’s actual selling proposition, which outmatched the big, impersonal brands, was being overlooked.
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The Strategy

With Everyone Else Zigging, We Zagged

Blade’s Brand Strategy Workshop was vital in identifying Newsfile’s core values: deliver high level, professional grade services that easily outperform the global players … and do it with real people who care. This was more than just a “me too” news service – this was a creative organization bent on redefining the marketplace.
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The Result

Stock Market Solutions For The Everyday Person

People took centerstage in Newsfile’s re-branding which was expressed on their website, their collateral materials and their expanded service offering. Cohesion in the organization’s multiple offices improved, and client acquisition ramped up. Making the source personal caught people's attention.
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Moving Up Success Stories


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