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Moving Up Success Story


The Challenge

Embrace a Consistent Brand Message

Summerhill engaged Blade to help them better understand what their brand was all about. Together, through Blade's Brand Strategy Workshop, we discovered inconsistency in brand messaging and imagery that was impacting how this successful organization was perceived in the marketplace.

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The Strategy

Sell the "People First" Culture by Featuring the Real People

Blade identified the website and corporate video as key opportunities to address brand inconsistency; and as a powerful way to enlist internal stakeholders into clarifying Summerhill’s approach. We collaborated with Summerhill to present the brand’s optimistic voice and engaging character through its amazing people. Because that’s what Summerhill’s service offering was based on!
Summerhill Strategy - Website and Mobile

The Result

New Look. New Energy. Happy Staff.

The website and video were a team effort that created buzz inside Summerhill and resulted in clearer messaging and more energetic imagery to the world. It also created greater cohesion among Summerhill’s staff and strong positive reaction from existing clients.
Summerhill Result - Tablet Our Story Page

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