Global appliance brand launching a new line of advanced technology multi-cookers nationally.

Moving Up Success Story


The Challenge

How to get Busy People to Believe they Can Cook Healthier Meals, Easily.

Who needs another kitchen appliance? The market is saturated, right? But what if a new product was available with a startling number of cooking options for busy parents and professionals who want healthy meal choices. How do you make that promise believable?

The Strategy

It’s More Than Just an Appliance. It’s a Multi-Tasking Miracle.

T-fal’s new line of multi-cookers fit the bill for people faced with an ever-increasing lifestyle load including work, family and health. T-fal’s multi-cookers make healthy eating easier, so Blade got into the heads of buyers and created advertising that spoke to their hectic lifestyles. “Multi-Cookers for Multi-Taskers” was born!

The Result

Success Cooks Up More Success

The national launch was so successful, a further brand and product extension was launched the very next season.

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