Innovation, Originality and Results Define Our Approach

For over 25 years, Blade has worked with Toronto area developers to create powerful branding and online marketing strategies. From naming and identity, to full-scale branding and advertising campaigns in both traditional and online media, Blade has built winning campaigns.


A Beacon of Elegance in Downtown Burlington

Nimbly navigating an anti-development landscape by taking ownership of an entire city. Full Success Story here.


Selling More Than Just a Condo

Paradigm has been the nominee for and winner of major awards for its visionary concept and breakthrough creative branding. Full Success Story here.


Just One Chance to Win

Branding broke the rules and Barrie’s most ambitious lakefront residences sold out.


From Cottage Country to Carriage Trade

Simon Hirsh is a different kind of developer who needed a different kind of agency. Blade captured his passion and vision for how luxury condominium living should be presented. Full Success Story here.


Sophisticated and Sexy Sells

Midtown Toronto is about as sexy as Mount Pleasant cemetery. Allure changed all that and sold out fast.


The Sequel People Loved Better

UV2 could’ve been just another building. Blade made it another kind of excitement that people lined up to see and to buy!


The Truth Hurts … the Competition

AXIOM had it all. For real. It sold itself, after Blade made the case that only AXIOM was true downtown living, for less.
Full Success Story here.

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