Leading Edge Brand Plan

How Will You Thrive in the New Reality?

In these unprecedented times, it’s wise to be cautious. But it’s dangerous to not look for opportunities. For those companies and organizations who believe their brands have a future beyond the current crisis, now is the time to discover how seeing your brand as a community will grow your business.

Invest in a Customized Plan To Create Growth Now and for the Future


With our help, you’ll solidify your positioning and your purpose, and craft stories that captivate your brand community, enhancing their loyalty while encouraging others to join.

Once you evolve your thinking about what your brand really is, you’ll have the confidence and clarity to invest wisely. And know this: brands that invest in challenging times benefit disproportionately than those that have retreated. So, you need a plan.

Your Plan for Sustainable Growth

Your Leading Edge Brand Plan™, is a high value asset, customized to leverage your brand’s strengths with essential deliverables to create growth now and for the future.

Leading Edge Brand Plan, Blade Creative Branding
  • Brand Community Narrative and Journey
  • Target Market Personas 
  • Essential Creative Concepts
  • Content & Media Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Budget and Timelines

Clients We’ve Served

At Blade, we’ve created and re-created brands in a surprising range of industries because we know the universal applicability of brand community thinking: Grow the community. Grow the business.

Ramblin Road

“Blade strategic insights, their creative work, and their ongoing advice and insights have been awesome, right from the get-go. And they’re great to work with.”

John Picard, Founder

Char Technologies

“We’ve worked with Blade for a few years and found their strategic and creative work to be excellent. And the Blade team has been consistently committed to helping grow our business.”

Andrew White, CEO

Canada Swim School

“Blade’s honest and unique approach instantly gave us the confidence we had chosen the right agency, and we never looked back. We launched with confidence and have been growing consistently.”

Adam DiFulvio, President

Bell Lifestyle Products

“Blade has been a strong partner in updating and redefining our brand providing a full range of branding and advertising services that have helped our business.”

Roland Jerch, President

Molinaro Group

“After meeting Blade, we were thoroughly impressed and they’ve delivered cool, progressive work … and the results, especially with sales, have been fantastic.”

Vince Molinaro, President