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Strategic & Competitive Research Services

An emotionally inspired yet, clearheaded brand strategy is essential to your success. This strategy informs everything you do in creating or updating a brand that your customers will seek out, engage and commit to.

That strategy includes your brand plan which contains straightforward, actionable recommendations and clearly defined creative tactics, timelines, and budgets. It’s your blueprint to building and growing your brand community.

At Blade, we use a proprietary approach to develop and implement brand strategies. They include:

Brand Strategy Workshop

Whether you’re starting a new brand or looking to grow market share for your current brand, Blade’s Brand Strategy Workshop delivers clarity and direction to help you move forward with confidence. Through this dynamic and focused session, we work with you to:

  • Explore and define the core values that inspire loyalty to your brand
  • Identify your target audiences and what motivates them to join – and stay invested in – your brand community
  • Establish your brand’s character and voice
  • Sketch out your brand story


“Thank you so much for hosting the BLADE Brand Strategy workshop yesterday! It brought a lot of value to our startups. I’ve debriefed with our teams and they’ve told me it was one of the best presentations they’ve experienced during their incubation at The Forge.”
— Mariya Leslie, B.Sc., M.Biotech.
Manager, The Forge Business Incubator
McMaster University Innovation Park


Communications Strategy

Knowing what to say, who to say it to, and when and where to say it are the key deliverables of Blade’s communications strategy approach.

Brand Platforming

Core values define your brand. They also serve to establish the foundation of your brand platform. That’s the go to market basis or “stage” on which you first build, and then present your brand story to your audiences.

Naming Workshops

What’s in a name? A name can make your brand and your business. We use focused exercises to explore the voice, tone and character you want to present to the world.

Database Surveys

Your customers are a valuable resource that help us to understand the attitudes and behaviours of your brand community. Our experienced team engages your audience to determine their emotions and thoughts surrounding your brand or product/service offering.

Ethnographic and Stakeholder Interviews

There are no off-the-shelf answers that automatically fit your branding and advertising needs. We ask the right questions to reach those goals. We conduct internal, external and influencer interviews to confirm the shared values that define your brand.

Competitive Reviews

Creating a brand strategy that will disrupt the marketplace – and establish your niche – requires a clear understanding of the landscape. We use both direct and stealth methods to evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

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